INSIDE THE STUDIO: Music & Podcasts for Creating

INSIDE THE STUDIO: Music & Podcasts for Creating

When you have a lot of repetitive work for your hands, your mind needs something to keep it busy. This is why I am constantly listening to a podcast or music when working. I’ve compiled a list of favorite shows and playlists to listen to.


  1. My Brother, My Brother, and Me: three brothers offer humorous advice for problems in the modern era.

  2. Stuff You Should Know: relatively short lessons on random things you probably don’t know enough about!

  3. The Truth: immersive audio fiction of various genres. It’s so easy to lose yourself in these stories.

  4. The Moth: individuals tell real stories from their lives. Sometimes funny, raw, or heartwarming.

When in doubt, look at the top charts. I have yet to be disappointed with those discoveries.


I find podcasts more immersive and generally more enjoyable. However, sometimes I need something soft for the background. For those times, I like to use Spotify for music listening. I think it’s best to compile your own playlist, but Spotify also offers some pre-made collections. Here are some playlists I have saved:

  1. Your Favorite Coffee Shop: chill, relaxing songs

  2. Diamond City Radio: classic tunes from the 1930s-1960s

  3. Electronic Concentration: songs to help you focus

  4. Discover Weekly: customized to your tastes, created weekly. It’s a great way to discover new artists and songs that are similar to what you’ve already been listening to.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found something new enjoyable to listen to!